2015 Tradebank Awards winners

PRESIDENT'S AWARD - Shane Harrison - TB London

The President's Award is a subjective award, the winner is selected by the President of Tradebank.  In determining the winner the following criteria are considered:

1) Customer Service

2) Growth

3) Creativity in Trade

4) Positive impact in Tradebank name inside and outside local market

5) Events

6) Media

7) Teamwork / Inter-region Trade

8) Attitude / Dedication

Franchise Cumulative Report Score Winner - Northern Ontario

Each month franchisees are ranked on their performance in the following metrics. The franchise cumulative report score winner, is the franchisee who had the lowest cumulative score over the entrie year.


TOP GUN - SHANE Harrison - TB London

2015 - The individual whose new clients signed up during the year have the top overall sales volume. (excluding John Porter)


SILVER CUP - Tie - Dan Benesh - TB Regina & Dan CUSACK - TB Northern Ontario

2015 - Top overall new client sales in Tradebank Canada.  For the award the account must have done a minimum of T$1000 in trade sales (excluding John Porter)


Individuals with over 500 personal new client sales.  The 500 club members are currently John Porter, Tom Schnarr and Ian Charnock.