Barter for Better Business

Most businesses are already bartering on their own, whether it is a one time trade by chance meeting or an ongoing agreement between the parties.  These arrangements come about because both parties recognize something they need from the other one and realize they can save money by trading their goods or services instead of paying cash.

Transactions like this just make sense.  You keep money in your bank, get what you want and most likely will get referrals from the person with whom you traded.  This obviously works best when both parties are from the same area; then the referrals are to members of the same community.  Word of mouth is the best way to gain new business; if you see an ad, you might consider buying from that business. But, if your friend tells you to go there you are much more likely to use them. 

With Tradebank, people choose your business over others because you are also a member.  Tradebank members choose to do business with other members because they are saving their cash.  From there they recommend you to their friends who are cash paying clients.  So, from one Tradebank transaction, you might get, perhaps, three referrals.  Thus, from each Tradebank transaction, you are gaining trade dollars to supplement business purchases (or for personal use) and creating a loyal customer who would refer new clients that otherwise could have gone to your competition.  Tradebank is the cheapest and easiest way to network with local business owners and increase your word of mouth advertising.