Doing business through your broker

Doing business through your broker - You are busy running YOUR business for cash. You don't feel that you should have to or want to chase people around that you are trying to barter with. I agree. That's our job. I am surprised at how often I get people calling, texting, or emailing, and they apologize for asking me to get something done for them. Please - I would say that currently only 10-20% of clients are actually using us to our full potential.

We offer free consultation services if you are launching, starting, adding, or changing a business. We will give free advice and consultations and let you know if/how we think barter can help. The answer isn't always yes, but we can usually find a way to enhance your business that makes dollars and sense. 

Our goal is not to set up a network of 500 businesses that all trade back and forth and pay us money. Barter takes work. That's what we are here to do. Please put us to work. We have a proprietary system called DealTracker that was developed by Tradebank Canada for the sole purpose of tracking your barter transactions. Anything that gets done in the same day that you asked, it won't get tracked (because payment in barter banking system handles that tracking). Anything that doesn't get done within that day gets entered into the system.

Any database is only as good as the information that we put into it. So please let your broker know approximate value, timeframe, when you receive quotes, when you give quotes, when you need an answer by, when you need the work done, if you've received other quotes, and any other pertinent information. We will then keep track with the seller and follow-up with both sides to make sure that the deal is being done to meet the needs of both sides.