How Can Barter Help Your Business

Trade grows your business, fills downtime, and helps move excess inventory

As the owner of Tradebank Simcoe County, I’m a pretty big barter advocate.  I talk about the value of trade all the time, and the people that I meet are often surprised to learn that 30% of business worldwide is done on a barter basis.  I’m not talking about a couple of dust-covered merchants swapping textiles in a Marrakech Bazzar – modern barter has evolved to become a key business strategy for large, medium, and small organizations everywhere in the world.

At Tradebank, we broker more than $1,000,000 worth of deals every month.  Our members include major chains, professional sports teams, professionals, trades people, small businesses, consultants, health care providers and so many more, all building their bottom line through barter.

So, what do those business owners know that you don’t?  How can barter help your business?

Here are four of the biggest reasons why your business should “think trade first”:

Generate new sales, new market penetration, and new customers!

Businesses must constantly find ways to generate new customers and new sales.  Trade helps you reach a larger client base.  Joining a barter exchange like Tradebank gives you access to new customers you can tap into because they would rather spend their barter dollars with barter members, instead of buying in cash from someone else.

Fill downtime and address seasonal variances in your business

For many businesses, idle time equals permanently lost revenue.  Whether it is a hotel room sitting unused for the night, a vacant tee-time, an available advertising slot, or a salon chair sitting empty for an hour, excess capacity hurts your business.  Trade opens the door to generate income from resources that would otherwise go to waste.

Reduce lost money from idle inventory sitting on your shelves

Whenever unused stock sits on your shelves it means money is lost.  When this happens, you are forced to reduce prices just so that your inventories can be moved before becoming obsolete or losing their value. Barter gives you the ability to sell your idle inventories at full retail price on trade.

Keep cash in your bank

Whether it is an accountant to look after your books, a social media company to boost your online presence, or a caterer for your next Customer Appreciation Day, trade lets you offset the cost of your business expenses and keep cash in your bank account!

Thousands of companies across Canada are seeing the benefits of barter, why isn’t yours?

Trade works.  At Tradebank, we see how barter benefits our members every single day.  Not convinced?  Let’s have a coffee and talk.  My treat – I know a great place nearby that accepts trade!