How I became involved in Tradebank



Like many of our clients,  I too, started out as a Tradebank member. Dan doing what he does, recruited me to join Tradebank for my restaurant Bridges Bistro. I have to tell you that when I agreed to join Tradebank I had no idea what I was getting into. Initially I didn't understand how Tradebank would be helpful for my business. It didn't take long for new customers to come into my restaurant and I noticed a regular Tradebank clientele that supported me. Now I had Trade Dollars, and I wondered what to do? Enter the Tradebroker!  The broker who was working for Dan at the time informed me of advertising opportunities and she connected me to a printer where I could get my menu printed. She was a good broker, she was starting to build relationships with the clients, but unfortunately she didn't stick it out at the Tradebank office.

One day Dan pops by and we're talking about Tradebank and how he could use some help building the network. My husband Chris and I joined Dan for an orientation and learned some more about Tradebank from the president John Porter himself.  The buzz at the Tradebank office, really captured me. Hundreds of businesses were actively TRADING that day, purchasing goods and services without spending money. How Awesome!! I was hooked.

I joined Dan in the office in 2013.  Since then I have assisted our Tradebank members to purchase everything from dental care, to advertising, web design, restaurant meals, hotel rooms, bookkeeping services, snow removal and so much more. . I've recently sold my restaurant and Tradebank is what I do now! I couldn't be happier!  Every day I get to assist business owners gain new business and save on their bottom line. 

To learn more about Tradebank Northern Ontario, please contact Sandra Crawford today!