Opening a NEW business in Brant, Oxford or Norfolk?

Brantford and Woodstock are growing areas, with an entrepreneurial spirit.  As a result there are lots of new businesses that start up each year.  When someone is opening a new business they are often short on cash and long on capacity, this is the great time to have Tradebank come along side your business and help utilize that capacity while offsetting some expenses.

When using CASH$ from existing sales to pay for an expense, there is no guarantee that company will spend any of it back in your business. When spending CASH, consider it GONE!

When using TRADE$ to pay for a variable expense, you are guaranteed that TRADEBANK Brant will send you NEW business to replace that cost.

Are You Opening a NEW business in Brant, Oxford, or Norfolk?

Expand your budget by applying for an interest free TRADEdollar loan* through TRADEBANK. Stretch your financing further by using your TRADEdollars for needed services like Advertising, Renovations, Signage, or Printing, leaving more CASH on hand to help cover your core costs like rent, utilities, salaries, and products.

On top of all this, TRADEBANK Brant guarantees to send you the NEW business to pay off the TRADE loan!

Keep your hard earned CASH in the Bank!

*Loans are subject to an approval process.