Saskatoon is the fastest growing region in Tradebank history

Back on May 1st we wrote, “…before we know it our “Top Gun Team” will touch down in Saskatoon for five business days.  During this time they will meet with electricians, plumbers, sign manufacturers, restaurants, advertisers, landscapers, printers and many more businesses that are looking to gain new clients and save cash.”

So… how did it go?  It was a great success and Saskatoon is now Canada’s fastest growing Tradebank region in our company’s history.  Our Top Gun Team met with all kinds of businesses ranging from retail to construction to service based operations.   We also met with several charitable organizations that seemed to be good partners for our foundation.  All of the people we met with during the official launch week uSnderstood trade and were excited to become some of the first in Saskatoon to THINK TRADE FIRST.

There are now more than 70 businesses / charities that have opened Tradebank accounts and accept Tradebank in Saskatoon.  Many of them have already begun to trade off excess inventory, fill downtime in their business and keep cash flow in their bank.  Over the next few weeks Kim Groff – Regional Owner will be meeting with all of the existing clients as well as many new ones to help educate them on using their Tradebank accounts.  If you have any questions for Kim or you know of any businesses that might be interested in Tradebank please feel free to contact him.