Tradebank Brant Norfolk Oxford Story

Through their careers, Stephen and Cori have gained lots of experience in both sales and customer service.  Stephen and Cori worked for Tradebank Canada for a year or two in 2003.  At the time Tradebank did not have a presence in Brantford and while they both believed in the concept, they wanted to find an opportunity to work locally while starting their family.   They have since had 3 children and continue to raise them in the Brantford area.

From 2010 to 2014, Tradebank Brant-Norfolk-Oxford was managed out of the corporate office in Stoney Creek.  While the corporate team did their best to stay connected with the clients in the area and manage their needs, without a local presence growing the opportunity for businesses in the area to benefit from trade was difficult.  Stephen had been in on-going discussions with the president of Tradebank Canada (who happens to be his younger brother), about the possibity of acquiring the rights to the Tradebank Brant-Norfolk-Oxford franchise.  In November 2014 those discussions came to fruition and Stephen and Cori took over the market.

In their first full year of operation, they were able to add 50 more local businesses to the barter network in Brantford and more than double the trading volume.  They have also opened a local office for our clients to be able to pick up TRADEgifts and connect with their broker.   

Brantford Tradebank Office Outside Picture          Brantford Barter Map

Through the 2016 year they are looking to open up the Woodstock marketplace and continue to grow in Brant and Norfolk as well.   

According to Stephen:

"Our goal is to help local business become more profitable using TRADEdollars to get the things they need without paying cash, and guaranteeing new business in return to cover those costs."

Stephen and Cori also have a passion to help the efforts of local charities like the St. Joseph's Life Care Foundation, the Brantford Symphany Orchestra and the RPM Kids First Foundation.