Tradebank London Story

Tradebank London originally came into existence in 2005 as a conversion of a competitor.  Unfortunately the business operator that came with the conversion did not operate the business upto Tradebank's standards.  From 2007 to 2010 the franchise was owned and operated by the Tradebank Waterloo franchise owner, however, it is difficult to operate more than one region well.  In 2010, he sold the franchise to an individual in Strathroy,  Unfortunately, that individual was unable to sell new accounts and the business could not grow.   In 2013 after pouring lots of effort trying to train the local franchise owner, Tradebank Canada re-acquired the London franchise and operated it corporately.   In December of 2014, during a HR campaign to find a Sales Manager for the London area, Shane Harrison sent in his resume.

Shane had successfully owned and operated a construction company (Harrison Construction) for the previous 17 years, which he had recently sold.  Shane had a good reputation for providing quality service to his customers and was interested in the position of sales manager.  John Porter (President of Tradebank) interviewed Shane along with a number of other candidate and immediately felt "This is the right guy".  After reviewing references and discussing compensation, both sides agreed that it would be best for Shane to take on the franchise, but only if he proved that he could successfully add accounts.  Within 3 months, Shane had more than proven himself and he acquired the franchise.   In his first year as a franchisee, he was so successful he won the coveted President's Award as well as the Top Gun Award.   Shane and his team put together more transactions in 2015 than the London area had done in the previous 3 years combined.

Shane's primary characteristics that lead to his success are integrity, persistance and hardwork.  

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