Our Team

Corporate Executive Team

Tradebank's corporate executive guides the team towards the vision of bridging Canada with a coast to coast barter exchange.  The executive team's strengths compliment each other by combining sales and marketing expertise with strong process development.


Development & Support Team

The corporate development & support team works towards providing an exceptional level of customer service to clients, franchisees and other corporate staff alike.  The programming team works hard to develop new tools and enhance existing tools to improve the Tradebank experience.   The graphic design team is dedicated to creating beautiful designs that market client's offerings in an attractive and understandable fashion.  The administration team makes sure that the administrative functions of the exchange are running smoothly.

Account Executives

Account executives are responsible for networking and connecting with business owners and executives whose businesses are not active members of the Tradebank network.  Account excecutives are responsible for helping them understand the advantages of bartering and working through the inital plan that will be relayed to the TRADEbroker when the business activates an account.