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Ian Charnock

Ian Charnock

Golden Horseshoe



My history with Tradebank is vast and varied.  In 1997, I was initially a client in Niagara and then became a sales rep in 1998.  In 2000 I became a franchise owner and launched Tradebank Halton.  I was a Tradebank Canada joint owner from 2001-2006, and thereafter was the Tradebank Niagara franchise owner from 2006-2009.  I have recently joined the Tradebank Canada team again as a Sales Advisor for Tradebank Corporate.  When I initially joined Tradebank as a client I was amazed at the fact a business owner could trade what they had for what they needed in a totally organized bartering system.  It was an honour I believed to be able to present such a powerful tool to any business owner and I really enjoy selling a concept more than any hard good - the sales process's and pitches are limitless.  What I like most is anything is possible in the barter world as far as purchases go, where as in the cash world you are bound to only purchase what you need or want according to your current cash situation.  I really enjoy sitting and having smart business conversations with business owners and seeing their different reactions to the concept of trade; even when they don't get it it’s exciting because once they do and the light bulb goes if it’s awesome!!!  Clients benefit from me because they know they can trust me; I relate well and they need to feel at ease in our relationship. I can generally say that when I leave after a meeting they can feel comfortable knowing I am there to help them.

I have numerous sales certifications, primarily a certified Wilson learning certificate. I hold a certified trade broker certificate, and have won countless awards for being number one in sales.  For 13 years I was a certified volunteer soccer coach at Club Roma, and I enjoy and am always willing to support and help local children’s sports teams.  I love watching my 3 kids in sports, specifically soccer, hockey, and now football.  Personally, I enjoy fishing and golf and am a huge soccer fan - I like my Saturday mornings watching English soccer!  I also love all inclusive vacations!