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Ryan Hodges

Ryan Hodges

Golden Horseshoe

905-777-0660 ext. 227


Being a TRADEbroker takes advantage of my skills as a dealmaker, sales analyst, and strong client care account management that recognizes the uniqueness of each client. As your Broker I want to know your business needs as well as your family. I enjoy knowing in detail how owners want to use their TRADEdollars and to see my clients daily needs, which ensures I stay flexible to their varying requests in real-time. Each day I wake feeling energized to meet each client’s goals so I can impact their business growth. 

I have built a positive reputation as the 'jack of all trades' kind of guy. My skills are diverse so I can manage your finances while welding steel together! I attended Laurentian University and then got into my career in sales. I have professional sales certificates and managerial experience from Brock University. I have worked with a wide range of business industries ensuring I can handle all the tough tasks brokering throws at me. My job history includes some great management and sales roles, as well as teaching English in Korea after wanting some adventure and global experience. I have been with Tradebank for 4 years and I have loved every minute of it. I believe this is my most fulfilling career choice to date as I love the member’s positive feedback after matching their needs to products and services.

With Tradebank I am involved in giving back to local charities and helping the communities we work in through various fundraising efforts. This fulfills me in ways no previous position has before. I am an avid sports fan and participant. I enjoy keeping active with running, hockey, baseball and golf, and I use my competitiveness to drive towards objectives for myself and my clients. I am known for my bad jokes, and that allows me to make your business day just a little less stressful and more fun.