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Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones

Creative/Marketing Director

1-905-777-0660 ext 225


As the Creative Director I oversee all of Tradebank's brand development nationally, managing a tight knit team to build the relevance of the brand for the entire organization. I apply my artistic flair at Tradebank to improve our barter members’ brand awareness, sales and cash flow using visual promotions and displays, and commercial and small business photography. I love the variety of the branding projects I work on and thrive on learning the essence of a member’s brand DNA to help market their business. I have seen how Tradebank can dramatically enhance the quality of a business, family and personal life and this fuels my work.

I had my educational start with the Arts program at Sheridan College and completed Graphic Design courses at Mohawk College, as well as attaining education and experience in Digital Art. I now possess a thorough understanding and expertise in how to accentuate personal, product/service and company brands.

I possess an avid enthusiasm for astrophotography, and am a member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. I offer educational evenings for families and children to gain an appreciation of the wondrous mysteries and beauties of the cosmos. I also have avid interest in bird photography and travel throughout Ontario photographing rare birds for my collection of photos. My eye for detail is exhibited in all my work.