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It's allowed us to purchase a variety of things for our business - from restaurant gift certificates, office supplies, massage therapy, dry cleaning, car washes, sign printing and many other uses. The benefit is having a broker who can connect you with the right person from the get go, and make the business happen usually very quickly.

-Salena Fox - FPM Marketing & Design Inc. (Joined 2006)

Being a Tradebank member for less than a year has already yielded business that I may not have otherwise gotten as I would have not necessarily found those clients on my own.

-Eric MacKeigan - Fretwood Mack (Joined 2015)

Tradebank is the source for many clients on Trade as well as referrals from Trade Clients resulting in paid clients.

-Dave Carr - NTRPRISE Computer Services (Joined 2011)

Since joining Tradebank recently, I got an almost instant influx of new business, including some commercial and some residential jobs on business owners homes. The fact that I have a broker actively mentioning my services to other members is fantastic. The opportunity to meet and network with like minded business owners is also invaluable and I fully expect my network to grow because of it and future jobs outside of Tradebank to present themselves from referrals.

-John Soucie - OdorXout Ottawa (Joined 2015)

We have received a lot of exposure by being a member of Tradebank to customers that we normally do not hear from. This brought us extra business that we would not have had otherwise.

-Gus Rahim - Ontario Truck Driving School (Joined 2005)

Being a member of an organization such as Tradebank brings forth business opportunities that may otherwise not have come your way, or may have required a capital investment such as a salesperson to acquire. We have clients with us today that came to us via various Trade networks over the past 20 years.

-Tom Burant - Ottawa Messenger Group Inc (Joined 2013)

It has given me access to different types of businesses that might not have advertised with me but want to give it a try on trade. By allowing this, I have used my trade dollars to buy supplies, equipment and services my company needed to succeed without interrupting or causing cash flow problems.

-Tony Brooks - OUR Coffee News (Joined 2006)

Deciding to become a Tradebank member was a huge a step forward for our company. As we were just starting out when we joined, it gave us many advertising and opportunities which we wouldn't have been able to afford otherwise. We were also able to network with other companies in Tradebank which really helped get our name out to non trade clients. I believe that because of Tradebank our company is years ahead of where it would be without having decided to join Tradebank.

-Matt Kusch - Pain In The Grass Landscaping (Joined 2013)

Tradebank is mostly about networking for me. I like the exposure and the connections Tradebank makes for me.

-Paul Prinz - Paul Prinz Masonry (Joined 2013)

Tradebank has allowed us to meet new clients and suppliers that we may not have dealt with outside of Tradebank. The fact that we could do a portion of our sale by accepting Tradebank dollars has sometimes been the difference between landing the sale or not getting the sale. We now have some 'cash' clients and suppliers that we deal with yearly as a result of our initial Tradebank dealings.

-Kevin van der Wier - Post Time Services (Joined 2005)
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